Apprentice Support Services

We help to select the right course for you and support you throughout to ensure success.

At GP Strategies Traning Limited (GPSTL) we want to see you achieve and succeed. We offer complementary information advice and guidance for all apprentices and we consult directly with you to understand your likes, dislikes and vision. Below outlines our support service, you can also request a call back and a learning consultant will contact you.


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Before starting a course

  • Pre-entry information, advice & guidance helping you pick the right course

  • Impartial information advice and guidance on learning options available

  • Learner initial assessment understanding how we can help you better

  • Employer training needs analysis matching the work of the apprentice with the business where employers are involved

  • Learner and employer evaluations throughout the course

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On-going support

  • Learner and employer induction
  • Health, safety and welfare risk assessment and support
  • Equal opportunities and health and safety training
  • Basic skill support, training, coaching and guidance
  • Vocational support, training, coaching and guidance
  • Additional support services guidance
  • Programme review
  • Learner and employer evaluation
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On exit progression and development

  • Impartial information advice and guidance on progression routes available
  • Learner exit review
  • Employer project review
  • Employer and learner evaluation

Throughout your programme you will have access to a range of free and impartial information, advice and guidance to help you with decision making about your course, qualification and future career progression. In addition, if you would like information or advice on other issues or services including housing, health, welfare, benefits, or other specialist agencies ask your skills coach and they will direct you, or alternatively you can contact our Guidance Co-ordinator.


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Enabling and healthy and safe working environment


Our aim is to provide and maintain an environment where all apprentices are safe, feel secure, are encouraged to talk and are listened to. We have adults at each training centre who are trained to deal with safeguarding issues whom you should contact if you are worried or have any concerns about any aspect of your health, safety or welfare. Throughout your programme we will continue to provide you with the opportunity to develop the skills you need to stay safe, healthy and recognise abusive and harmful behaviours. GPSTL takes its responsibilities towards safeguarding apprentices, children, young persons and vulnerable adults very seriously and is committed to working with local safeguarding authorities and organisations in cases where abuse and harmful behaviours are suspected or reported.

Every child and every learner matters - our realisation

Every Child Matters is a framework which has been developed by the Government to ensure the well-being of children and young people from the ages of 0-19 regardless of their background. GPSTL is fully committed to the framework and will ensure that all apprentices on a GPSTL programme or course will have the support that they need to:

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Blue Tick BulletStay safe

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Blue Tick BulletMake a positive contribution

Blue Tick BulletAchieve economic well being

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Blue Tick BulletIf you’ve got a problem, whether it’s about your course, your work, your home or even your family or friends – we have a free dedicated and confidential help service call SHARP available 24hrs a day covering a range of topics and more.

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Green Tick BulletVisit the SHARP system for further information. Access free innovative training here to help you develop the skills and knowledge to prevent online radicalisation



GPSTL staff have been trained in line with the UK Government's Prevent strategy. Protecting people from radicalisation is a team effort. If you have any work-related concerns about someone you think may be at risk of radicalisation, contact us.

Health and Safety at Work

GPSTL believes in safe working environments for all apprentices. As part of the induction process, we work with all employers providing a comprehensive health and safety review. This is followed up regularly throughout the course to ensure that apprentices remain protected.


GPSTL offers financial bursaries on behalf of the Government for those studying on traineeship and advanced learner loan courses.  If you would like to know and see if you qualify then contact us.

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